Soft, Flexible, Dual Band Antenna Choose either BNC Male or SMA Female connector

Soft, Flexible, Dual Band Antenna    Choose either BNC Male or SMA Female connector

Stubby Length
Soft, Flexible Antenna
for use with Dual Band HT



The term "reverse SMA" gets misused when talking about Chinese radios.  There is such a thing as a "reverse" connector but it's not what 99% of those using the term really mean.  NO Chinese radio that I know of uses a "reverse" connector.

All radios I sell have the same connector gender.  The radio has a threaded recess with center pin.... SMA Male.   The antenna has a threaded stud with center hole... SMA Female.  These are "standard" connectors.  "Reverse" connectors would have the "pin" and "hole" switched around.

The SMA connector consists of a threaded outer part (1/4-36) and an inner part that has either a "pin" or a "hole".  The threaded part has nothing to do with the gender of the connector.  The gender is determined by either the "male" pin or the "female" hole.  On a standard SMA connector having a "threaded stud", it will have a hole, making it a SMA Female connector.  This SMA Female will screw into a "threaded recess" with a center pin, which is a SMA Male connector.

So what is a "reverse SMA" connector?  It has the same threaded part, but the interior of the connector is the opposite.  For example, a threaded stud with a center pin would be a reverse SMA female connector.  A threaded recess with a center hole would be a reverse SMA male connector.



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