Anytone AT-3318UV-A


 Anytone Radios Are Not Made By Wouxun



Introducing the

Anytone AT-3318UV-A. Chinese made, American inspired


image of Anytone AT-3318-A  

  • 5 Watts VHF
  • 4 Watts UHF
  • RX & TX 136-174 MHz & 400-520 MHz
  • RX FM Broadcast 79-108 MHz
  • Wide Band & Narrow Band* (see note below)
  • 2.5 kHz tuning step for splinter frequencies
  • 5/Tone encode and decode
  • 199 Channels with Alpha Tags
  • Squelch mode adjustable for each channel
  • Squelch tail elimination
  • CTCSS that really works - when scanning channels, radio will stop ONLY when CTCSS tone is present
  • VFO Scanning - frequency limits can be set for both VHF & UHF
  • Channel Scanning - scanned channels can be ADDED or REMOVED via the keypad
  • Frequency Reverse button - exchanges TX & RX frequencies
  • Talk Around button - sets TX frequency to repeater's output frequency
  • Programmable by computer
  • EASY to manually program
  • Has no voice prompts
  • Keypad totally lockable to meet FCC Part 90 requirements

FCC Part 90 Certified  --  T4K-QZQX3318

New Features Added

  • 2/Tone & 5/Tone encode and decode
  • Separate squelch level for each channel
  • Resume scanning after off/on cycle
  • Quicker activation of talk-around function
  • Memory banks


   *Note: This radio actually receives narrow band when
          in Narrow Band mode (not all Chinese brands do that).
          Good news for those using the Splinter Frequencies.

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WOW!!  The first 100 sold in 1 day.  Thanks Everyone!
Because of the new improvements the next shipment is taking
longer than expected. They will be in my hands by the end of April.


Regular Price $129.95  ..  ..  ..  ..  Introductory Price $99.95

This radio is distributed only by Import Communications
dealer inquires welcome.


Customer Reviews
By Daniel
We finally have a Chinese HT of a good quality. Even for its size, it's a solid feeling radio, easy to program on the keypad, a working signal strength meter, and does a really good job of rejecting spurious noise from near by frequencies. It still will not perform at the level of my Motorola XTS 5000, but this little guy is a lot closer to it than Baofeng or Wouxun.

1s1s1s1s0sAnyTone HT Initial Impressions
By David
I have had the radio for four days and it programmed right up fine with Ed's software and a serial cord I had for Wouxun/Baofeng. On Wideband the audio is crisp and clear, all signal reports I have been getting simplex and repeaters have been good. The DSP is good, no evidence of intermod and the CTCSS works fine. It also receives fine on Public Service frequencies with CTCSS and it is nice that you can designate as Receive Only with the "more" section in the software. Other radios either make you blank out TR freq or set to ham, etc. This one is more commercial. Talkaround and input-output swap works well. Look and feel is of a quality radio. Fits in your pocket with no sharp edges. So initial review is that we have a winner here. 73 WB1EVP

1s1s1s1s1sAnyTone AT-3318UV
By David
We just got a new AnyTone AT-3318UV HT radio from Ed Griffin at Import Communications. The first thing my son Elijah did was take it all apart, which is typical for everything he gets. I suggested that he test it first, but he wanted to see how it well it was made and the quality control. The AT-3318UV HT appears to be a good radio with a real nice feel to it. It fits in your hand very well and is easy to operate. It has all the features that you would want in a HT. The only thing missing on this radio is the flashlight that we have become accustom to using. When we got our first Chinese HT three years ago, I thought the flashlight was strange on a HT. But since then we have used it often. My son and I have had several makes of Hand-held radios from Motorola to Wouxun, with some Baofengs thrown into our list. So I have a little experience with Amateur as well as Part 90 LMR and Broadcast FM Radio and Television transmitters. As a reference I am not a radio dealer, I am a Broadcast Engineer with forty years of experience, The AT-3318UV HT comes with all the basic accessories like the battery (1500 mAh Li-ion), battery charger (nice charger that uses a wall wart), very solid battery clip, antenna (OEM style Rubber Duck) and lanyard. This is a dual band 136/174 MHz and 400/520 MHz radio. It has a little more than the four watts UHF and five watts VHF RF listed output power. All very standard on most Chinese HT radios. The manual is better than most Chinese radio manuals. Receiver sensitivity is excellent and audio output is better that most. Now for a few extra goodies that we really appreciate, the FM radio audio sounds great. But here are the real nice ones. This radio really programs nicely from the computer . “NO” error codes all the time while programing. This is a very pleasant surprise. Nice software, I wonder if Commander is working on one for this radio? DTMF Storage. This is a real nice feature. Its saves time and my own personal organic memory. Repeater Offset Function on-the-fly which is easier than our other Chinese radios. Battery Voltage: You can constantly monitor your battery voltage if you wish, even during transmit. Frequency Skip and added during Scanning. You can use the keypad to skip over the frequencies that you don't want in the scan lineup, plus new frequencies can be added to the list with this function too. Here is one other great item about the Scan Skip feature. The radio can be programmed to skip frequencies that don't have the proper CTCSS. Auto-off. This is a great feature and it will save your battery once you fall asleep after a Hamfest. There are also some of the same other favorites like, Stop watch, CTCSS scan. And how does it operate? Fine, just fine. We can open almost all the 2m/440 repeaters here in the Southern California basin on the duckie. If you want more specs, buy one yourself and do your own tests. If you want waveforms and other data you will have to wait for it. It's a real good radio, and for the price its a great bargain. 73, Elijah WA6EMD and David NA6DB

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