KG-UV6D End of Summer Sale


End of Summer Sale

Special Savings on KG-UV6D v2 **


** This Part 90 Certified Radio operates BOTH wide-band and narrow-band over its entire range.
It is NOT locked in narrow-band mode like those of some sellers.
The frequency range is UNLOCKED, covering 136-174 & 420-520 MHz.
This radio uses the original version of 6D software (not that for the so-called X-version)

Software can be downloaded from here





KG-UV6D v2
(also known as KG-UV6D-2.5)
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  • 2.5 kHz Tuning Step - compliant with new FCC rules for Land Mobile Service
  • 2.5 kHz Tuning Step available via Keypad and Software
  • TX & RX - 136-174 & 420-520  (frequency range can not be changed by owner)
  • 199 Memory Channels
  • RPT Button*
  • Lockable Menu & S/D Buttons**
  • Tuning Knob functions when Keypad is locked
  • IP55 (Dust and Water Jets rating)
  • Uses all the same accessories as the other Wouxun dual band radios
  • Uses the same antenna connector as other Wouxun models. (Not all 6D's are like this)
  • 18 month warranty from factory
  • In the box is: Radio, Dual-band Antenna, 1700 mAh Battery, Belt Clip, Stand-up Charger, Manual and fairly-useless wrist strap.

*When in Frequency Mode, the RPT button will quickly cycle through SIMPLEX, +OFFSET
  -OFFSET, +REVERSE and -REVERSE to access repeaters. It can also be programmed for other functions.

** With the radio in "single display" mode, and with the Keypad, MENU and S/D buttons locked,
  the end user will only be able to turn the radio on/off, change channels and talk. This
  is perfect for the non-radio user. Nothing they do will get them lost in menu-land.



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add this accessory for
1/2 price

AA Battery Pack & Belt Clip

Regular $8.95, add to your order for only $4.47







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KG-UV6Dv2 Summer Sale ..................................................  $127.50
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Customer Reviews
1s1s1s1s1sKick-ass HT
By William
I own two UV6D, one the newest v2.5. I can't say enough about the radio. I haven't found any flaws in the radio yet and I don't expect to seeing I've owned the HAM ONLY version now for a year. That was my first Wouxun buy and I was skeptical to say the least. Receive sensitivity on both UHF and VHF measured by a General Dynamics R8000 was near the lowest setting of output at -130 dBm. Adjacent channel, intermod, and spurious rejections are perfect. No TX spurs to worry about. A couple birdies on RX but those can be expected in any receiver. Most with a CPU clock shift disappear. The case is robust having had my first UV6D exit my vehicle while on the visor and subsequently get run over by another vehicle behind me. Hardly a scratch occurred and I was amazed. I had an old Alinco dual band and it was run over and scattered on the road like a glass bottle. So the UV6D/V2 gets an A+ from me on every possible scenario.

1s1s1s1s1sfantastic order Turn-Around
By Nathan
I ordered a couple of these, and had them delivered in just a couple days. Fantastic service, thanks Ed!

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