X1M Pro QRP Transceiver

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X1M Pro QRP Transceiver

Distributed in North America exclusively by Import Communications



Xiegu X1M Pro

QRP Transceiver

(Xiegu is pronounced "zia goo")

Improved Display, Improved Controls
Improved Components, Improved Filtering, Improved Performance



Frequency range RX & TX:  100 kHz ~ 30 MHz*
Modes: USB & LSB & CW
Power output: 5 Watts
Operating voltage: 12 vdc
Operating current: 0.35 ~ 1.2 amp
Receiver Preamplifier:  Yes
Memory Channels:  100
RIT Function:  Yes
Automatic Internal CW Keyer:  Yes
Backlight On/Off:  Yes
Keyboard  lock:  Yes
Dimensions:   3-13/16 x 1-9/16 x 6-1/8 inches
Weight:   0.65 kg  ~  1.43 lbs
PTT Microphone:  Included
Computer Control:  Compatible with Ham Radio Deluxe
   (factory adapter required - Choose Icom IC-718 in HRD)


* Transmits continuous 100 kHz - 30 MHz via  Menu option.  Preset transmit range is the five US bands shown below.

Five Ham Bands are configured with bandpass filtering.  Transmitting on frequencies outside these ranges will require external bandpass filtering.

Band 1:    3.5 ~ 4.0 MHz

Band 2:    7.0 ~ 7.3 MHz

Band 3:   14.0 ~ 14.350 MHz

Band 4:   21.0 ~ 21.45 MHz

Band 5:   28.0 ~ 29.7  MHz


Receiving sensitivity: better than 0.45uV,

RF output power: ≥ 4.5W

Frequency stability: better than 0.5ppm

Frequency accuracy: better than 0.5ppm

Operating voltage: 12.0 ~ 14.0V DC

Receiver Standby Current: 0.5A

Emission current: 1.5A Max



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Note:  These manuals may be updated often.
Notice of updates will posted to the Yahoo forum.


Download Quick Reference Guide by clicking here 


Download more detailed Manual by clicking here

Click here to link to the Yahoo Group for X1M 

Warranty Information

General:  Wouxun.US / Import Communications does not offer any type of Free Trial, Remorse-buy, Trade-in or Evaluation returns.  All items are backed only by the factory warranty. In the event a refund is issued, the refunded amount will be less shipping charges and less a 10% restocking fee.
X1M Specific:  Warranty is for a period of one year after the date of purchase (determined by receipt) and strictly follows this time schedule:
0 - 10 Days: Upon notification that a radio has arrived DOA, the dealer will furnish a return shipping label, the customer will return the radio to the dealer and the radio will be replaced by the dealer.
10 - 365 Days: Upon notification that a radio is defective, Xiegu-China will provide pickup information to DHL for shipment to the factory for repair.  If the defect is a factory defect, the radio will be repaired and returned to the customer free of charge.  If the defect has been caused by the customer, Xiegu-China will inform the customer of the repair costs plus cost of return shipping.
Beyond 1 year: The customer is responsible for shipping costs to the factory.  Upon receipt of the defective radio, Xiegu-China will inform the customer of the repair costs plus the cost of return shipping.



Customer Reviews
1s1s1s1s1sExcellent Radio X1M-Pro
By Fred-VE3FAL
I was fortunate enough to beta test the first X1M in August 2012. Ed at had a newer version of the X1M come in and I again tested and reviewed and was impressed with what there was in such a small package, some things needed changing but what does not when new. I was then introduced to the X1M-Pro and was absolutely blown away by the changes of the front panel, ease of operation and overall look of the radio. Since then Ed and others have made remarkable headway in having software upgrades done on a frequent basis to make this a radio that hams want, others have added AGC and other mods to suit their needs. Many contacts on SSB at 5w have been made with huge success. Ed has proven himself as a trustworty and reliable distributor who is true to his word. Give the radio a shot, you wont be sorry you did, there is a lot of band for the buck in this little rig. Fred Lesnick VE3FAL

1s1s1s1s0sEarlier version
By Leland
Installed all firmware upgrades. Am in a self contained situation so antennas are a limiting factor. Am still able to check into nets. Little radio does its job.

1s1s1s1s0sMy New Beach Buddy !
By John
It's March and after a few weeks of trying to find the time to get things together I set up my new X1M up on the patio (in the HOT Florida sun) with a cold beverage for me...... the X1M is already way cool ! I am working on a beach/mountain go rig in a case thing where all I need is in the case..... Anyway, about 1/2 hour of tooling around the bands I came by (SP7VC) from Poland working a pileup on 15m. I was thrilled to sneak through some big guns and got him (my 1st contact) on about the 7th attempt. I had heard him earlier go for a QRP station and he seemed to enjoy it too. This unit had a very good receiver, is easy to learn and is well worth the $$ in my opinion. I did not give the package 5 stars because of what it does not have...... two things I miss is a SWR indicator and a Signal Strength indicator. Even a glowing LED would be helpful when trying to tune. More documentation for the SYS setup would be appreciated too. But all in all this is one sweet radio. I did have a small issue with the mic and Ed solved it in a big way and very quickly also, nice to have up front and honest folks to deal with. We'll keep you posted. John KK4ITX

1s1s1s1s1sGreat little radio
By Luis
First time used on 80 meters, had LOTS of static crashes that night and this small rig handled it like a pro! great receiver, and also was able to check in on a net which left the net control impressed. Thanks to Ed from Import communications for sales and support of this radio.

By Charles
I am absolutely thrilled and amazed at the fun and performance of this great little radio . I do mean little too on not just price ,but physical size.It is roughly 3/4 inch longer and 1/2 inch wider than a regular postcard and only 1 1/2 inches tall. Not much excites me after being a ham for 48 years , but this radio does . Can even interface several controls to HRD !! If you are new or an old timer this is the PERFECT starter or 4.5 WATT QRP TRANSCEIVER , for USB/LSB/CW . Ed stands behind these 100 % so buy from a USA dealer !!

1s1s1s1s1sGreat Radio
By Mike
Prior to this radio, I have owned a KX-3 and both models of the FT-817. This is not a kit, but I have built a Pico Keyer Plus and the Pixie 2. If you buy this radio with the understanding that it is a pretty good receiver, will definitely work in the guaranteed bands, CW is fine and is only $350 dollars, you'll be a happy camper. If you are willing to crack the case and do some minor work like setting side tone, mic gain and simple alignment or adding the after-market AGC kit or soon-to-come CW filter, you will LOVE this radio. The X1M Yahoo Group is great and the radio has become a passion of mine and others. Because of add-ons from the Yahoo Group, it's a great combination of a commercial radio and "sense of pride-My Radio" that you would get from a kit. It's worth every penny and more if you ask me. And, it's only improving. Mike N1SPZ

1s1s1s1s0sGreat QRP for outdoor.
By Dmitry
I buy this rig in January 2013 with elecraft T1 tuner, its two smallest parts of my happy, x1m have quiet recever, I compare with yaesu-817, trx have 4W output power, but smallest yaesu. I want make new case and add T1 tuner inside new case, and add LIFEPO baterry. Its little manpack. Dmitry Tatarchenko RW3AUI.

1s1s1s1s1sLove it
By James
I spent about three weeks looking for a QRP Kit. I accidently came across the X1M. After reading the reviews, I decided to get it. Great price for a HF/QRP Transceiver. Fully assembled and tested. Received it 3 days later. Super service. I powered it up and let it cook for 2 days before transmitting. WOW, Very quiet reception and immediately made two contacts in Arizona on 10 meters SSB. I live in Ohio. Got 5/7 and 5/9 reports. It's a keeper. I plan on using it Portable with my Buddystick Vertical and a small 7 amp hour battery. Should get 3-4 hours of general usage out of it per charge. Only one small problem. The display screen was a little cocked. Easy fix. No Users Manual, But printed it off the web. No biggie. In conclusion, I owned two 817s and found both of them kind of noisy on the reception. Sold them both. This radio is a great addition to my collection and hope to get many years service out of it. Good luck if you get one. Hope to hear you on the air.....73, Jim W8HCO

1s1s1s1s1sLove it, Follow up
By James
Well, It's been a couple months since I received the X1M, QRP, HF Transceiver. I had one small problem that developed shortly after the first review. My Audio was mushy on the other end. I e-mailed Ed who immediately responded, Thanks Ed. After reading the Manual again, I did a Full Reset to Factory Settings. This solved my audio problems and am receiving great audio reports again. What a super little gem. I work 40 meters in the mornings and am having a absolute ball with 3-4 QRP contacts daily. I always get other Hams who appreciate receiving 4.5 watts and able to do a QSO with me. Bottom line. Try one, and get hooked....Jim W8HCO.....73 and hope to hear you.

1s1s1s1s1sGreat rig
By gary
Had the x1mpro 6 months now with no issues works great made many many contacts using portable mfj1979 telescopic whip and 40/80 coil from wolf river ,loads of fun.Great price my only gripe is the mic quality ,the jack plug cracked within 2 days [easy fix] and the mic itself would blow away in the wind if left unattended.rig deserves better its not a handset

1s1s1s0s0sQuality issues
By James
Had it a couple months, and I had issues from the beginning. The receive audio was fine for about 10 min then faded away. Emailed Ed who wanted to have it returned but said he had ongoing issues with the factory service program. So, I opened it up and fixed a cold solder at antenna connector and a solder bridge on one of the SMT ICs. It's better now. Word of warning - don't open it unless you have some skill - the heat sink nut is nontrivial to replace should you take the bottom case half off.

1s1s1s1s1sMike G3KTT
By Michael
Ok, I didn't get this rig from Ed I live in the UK. I got the filter from Ed and this works fine. The X1M is a great little rig. I own FT840,FT817,Ten Tec Scout 555 and an FT 897. I love the X1M,It's used more than all the other rigs. It's simple to use and I'm now a confirmed QRPer. I got the XPA20 amp but very rarely use it. The only mod I would like is a case filter,it's the oh mode I use. Couple of faults from New,tuning switch collar damaged so couldn't use menu properly and the volume control was o/c. The firm I got it from sent the spares free of charge and I did the work. It's a great little rig and wouldn't part with it.

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