SMA to BNC Antenna Adapter

SMA to BNC  Antenna Adapter

SMA Female to BNC Female Antenna Adapter

for use with Wouxun Dual Band Walkie Talkies. Converts your HT antenna connection to accept BNC

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Customer Reviews
1s1s1s1s1sDesign matters
By Robert
I own several Wouxun radios and have purchased these adapters from several different vendors. This adapter shoulders for a more secure connection than others acquired.

1s1s1s1s1sEssential permanent accessory
By Joseph
SMA connectors are not intended for frequent connection and removal, and in fact actually have a pretty short lifespan. And yet, we're always swapping the whip on our HTs in the car, in the home or wherever for a bigger, better antenna. You're looking at the solution: Just add this little adapter to your Wouxun radio and leave it there. It fits so well that just about looks like a factory antenna connector, and it works great for that purpose. Of course, you'd have to remove it to use the Wouxun-supplied antenna, but why would you ever do that? Pick up Ed's longer ducky antenna (be sure to get the BNC version) for distance, or a similarly inexpensive BNC stubby antenna for accessing personal internet nodes, crossband repeaters, etc.

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