Manual / Instructions

Manual / Instructions


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Baofeng   UV-3R


Baofeng   UV-5R

  • English Owners Manual
  • How to Program Manually
Customer Reviews
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By tim
I have only had this radio for a day but so far I know I will like it once I get it all programed to my liking. The manual that comes with it is only good for starting a fire or proping open a door, it is worthless for learning how to use the radio. Luckily there is a good manual here: Power is very good, battery is very good, volume is excellent and sound quality is excellent. I can see that it is a must to program with the cable and software, doing it manually is a pain. I have found no real fault so far except the voice gets on your nerves, but you can easily turn it off and the beeps when you press a button. K4JAR

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